Basic Engineering

The Basic Engineering service profile is designed in such a way that you, as the client, have all the data you need to specify components such as pumps, valves, dampers, etc. precisely and subsequently obtain quotations.

R&I Wärmenetz

The typical services at a glance

  • Examination of the available concepts, basics, preliminary planning
  • Elaboration of the solution concept, execution of the design planning (basic engineering)
  • Basic and process flow diagrams, process planning, process and plant description
  • 3D scan, status image
  • Determination of the systems and plant components including their calculation and dimensioning
  • Rough balancing of the mass and energy flows
  • Determination of space requirements for the components to be selected, such as pumps, pressure maintenance systems, pipework
  • Presentation of the solution in plans on a suitable scale
  • Determination of operating parameters and pressure stages3D Planning of pipe layout with installation plan3D Planung Rohrverlauf mit Aufstellungsplan
  • Determination of energy demand
  • Exploration of the temporal overlap of the energy requirements
  • 3D system design planning and layout design, approximate correct position and size of central equipment and systems, pipelines
  • Clarification of technical performance limits
  • Preparation of R&I flow diagrams
  • Mass, material and energy balancing