Process and control engineering

In process and control engineering, we combine the central competences of process and process technologies, design the corresponding control concepts with proven and very modern methods and tools and form the bridge to digitalisation.

Process and control engineering

We use our know-how for your existing systems and challenges. Based on your specific situation, the existing problem or the identified opportunity for optimization, we develop analyzes, studies and concepts and implement them together with you. If it makes sense, we support the necessary decision-making bases with simulations.

We are currently seeing a significant expansion of the basic claim. So far we have primarily seen the following categories of requirements:

  • Basically, it is always about technological optimisation – the increase of output (products, quantities, energy), the calming of processes, the work on process capability or also the extension of the travel time of continuously running plants, of course, in compliance with specified limit values.
  • At the same time, requirements always concern economic efficiency – the extension of service life, the reduction of material and energy consumption, the reduction of maintenance and operating costs (personnel and material costs) as well as the development of an overall basis for economic upgrading.

In addition to these technologically and economically oriented requirements, there are now increasing requirements relating to sustainabilitywith a focus on ecology. Whether driven by the European Green Deal, from the climate discussion with the main topics of climate protection and the circular economy or from changing consumer expectations that are falling back on the industry – the requirements regarding sustainability are increasing massively. The EU taxonomy currently materializes this most concretely.

In our work for you, we combine the necessary competences in technology, ecology and economy.