Analyses, studies, concepts

Analyses, studies and concepts are usually at the beginning of our work for your plants, as we are practically always active in existing plants in the brownfield sector.

Based on the formulated problem, the identified optimisation opportunity or simply the question of how to bring existing plants into the future in a technologically, economically and ecologically sensible way, it is important to understand the facts.

Analyses, studies, concepts

We analyse the status, collect data, take over historical data and can also handle very large amounts of data here thanks to state-of-the-art analysis and simulation tools such as Matlab, Mimic and SIMIT. In our analyses, we combine the necessary process and control engineering competences and supplement these with relevant know-how in management, business administration and sustainability.

This enables us to take a holistic and comprehensive look at your problem or optimisation opportunity from several perspectives. Naturally, we focus our expertise on thermal energy generation and the implementing technologies in the corresponding industries.

In-depth knowledge of the concepts of real sustainability with the goals clearly formulated in the EU taxonomy also enable us to contribute this perspective in a well-founded manner. Clear statements in studies and concepts focus on implementation, which we also carry out at your request in the role that suits you in each case (plant conversion).

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