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EPOC Digital

EPOC Digital fits perfectly into digital solutions for the manufacturing industry. While the EPOC Suite provides the control-related functionalities at the site, structured in the different modules, the EPOC Digital module includes the data connection to the cloud. This is equipped with well-founded, comprehensive IT security concepts and impresses with maximum availability.

EPOC Digital is tailored to your needs and generates savings by making potential visible. The primary functionalities relate to visualisation, reporting and diverse evaluations, which can be supplemented by computer-intensive applications (artificial intelligence) if desired. You benefit from a holistic view of your plant as well as a clear presentation of KPIs and benchmarking. Soft sensors for non-measurable parameters are also displayed. EPOC Digital also supports valid reporting for the achievement of sustainability goals.

With EPOC Digital, you get a company-specific portal. If you have several plants with EPOCs, EPOC Digital also enables the bundling of data from several locations. This allows you to benefit from a holistic visualisation and evaluation of your data, as well as from cross-plant reporting. The integrated role-based authorisation concept and multi-factor authentication ensure the optimal use of your data.

Your advantages with EPOC Digital

  • Plant overview makes plant performance visible
  • Savings potentials are recognised and can be used in a targeted manner
  • More uniform operation across all shifts
  • Increase in the degree of automation
  • Continuous improvement of your product quality
  • Optimisation of material usage
  • Increase in energy efficiency
  • Reporting according to EU taxonomy, GLP, SLLP