EPOC Local & District Heating

Heat networks with external consumers are also becoming increasingly important for industrial plants to ensure an overall energy optimum. Heat that has too low a level from an industrial point of view can continue to be used in district heating operations. EPOC® District Heating includes several toolboxes. The AI-based forecast calculation ensures optimal loading and unloading of existing thermal storage and reduces the use of mostly fossil peak load energy.

Grid peaks are attenuated by targeted discharging and the buffer storage is charged at off-peak times. Likewise, the optimal control of district heat pumps is realized. In order to obtain a continuously balanced efficiency optimum between guaranteed heat supply and maximum energy efficiency, all available information of the district heating network is included.

Technical advantages Economic advantages Environmental advantages
  • Flexible design according to existing bad points in the district heating network
  • Optimal use of buffers / storage capacities
  • Intuitive operation
  • Linking the needs of industry with the needs of consumers
  • Use of waste heat (or heat with little benefit to industry) for consumers.
  • Reduction in electricity consumption of district heating network pumps
  • Support for the economic expansion of existing networks
  • Reduction of heat losses
  • Design of regional overall optima and economic efficiency
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Contribution for switching to the district heating network
  • Reduction of fossil energy use – especially in the consumer sector
  • Reduction CO2 footprint