Client project management

We design an overall programme project management specifically for your task in order to have the overall project under control throughout, also on the client’s side. This includes the content (quality, technology, technique), the tasks and deadlines (process, completion criteria, milestones), the costs and the corresponding project organisation. The basis for this is always the (possibly not completely clear) performance profile and the structure of those involved.

The division into sub-projects and work packages makes the overall project plannable and traceable, makes dependencies and interactions visible and reveals bottlenecks.

In project management, we attach great importance to not losing any time, even in early project phases, and to getting as much done as possible at an early stage. This ensures that we have sufficient resources in the “hot phases” of project work to represent your client-side interests in the best possible way.

Overall, it is important to obtain a general overview of the (sub-)projects to be implemented in terms of the environment, interactions and risks, tasks (work breakdown structure), deadlines (schedule/bar plan) and costs.

For this purpose, we specifically use the following (planning) tools from the client’s perspective:

  • Environment analysis, risk analysis
  • Task planning, work breakdown structure
  • Time schedule (usually in the form of a Gantt chart or schedule lists)
  • Cost plan, payment plan
  • Project organisation
  • Project communication, project information system
  • Project controlling

All this is the basis for the ongoing monitoring of the work, for avoiding excessive additional demands and for coordinating the work, especially at neuralgic points (technical-technological intersections or procedural requirements on the construction site).