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Do you have a challenging problem that requires process engineering expertise, creativity and the ability to innovate? You are looking for a competent development and implementation partner for your concept?

The development of innovative process ideas through to system prototypes is a complex task that requires sound technical expertise, creativity and access to universities as well as practical partners. As your partner, we overcome these challenges together with you and offer you a committed partnership with a multi-layered network. With the help of this network, professional project management and a holistic approach that takes into account economic, ecological and contractual aspects in addition to technology, we are at your side.

Our aim is to work with you to find the best possible solution. So don’t hesitate to contact us and benefit from our expertise!

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Our services at a glance:

Diverse expertise and creative solutions: Our interdisciplinary team of experts is motivated and inspired by unusual issues. We rely on a symbiosis of creativity, sound specialist knowledge and many years of experience in the joint, cross-disciplinary development of innovative technologies.

From the technological concept through engineering to prototypes and small series: In several areas of process engineering, we develop the technological idea further until the concept has been validated. In addition to the basic design, this also includes calculations, simulations, balancing and safety-related considerations. We ensure basic feasibility at an early stage in our own engineering and also realize the necessary prototypes with flexible system construction partners as part of the development.

Strong network for joint development: We offer you the opportunity to benefit from our close-knit network of experts ranging from universities to plant manufacturers. Our collaborations enable us to combine the latest findings in knowledge development with practical plant engineering implementation and thus develop solutions for challenging issues. Our connections open up diverse perspectives and flexible resources for rapid development and forward-looking design.

Many years of experience in dealing with decision-makers: Our interdisciplinary approach takes into account not only technological, but also economic, ecological and contractual aspects. Thanks to our flexible structure, we are able to act with agility, quickly familiarize ourselves with the genesis of a development project and anticipate economic, ecological and legal aspects at an early stage. In this way, we also meet the requirements of decision-makers and therefore make a significant contribution to the successful implementation of your development project.

If you are still in the phase of specifying your requirements or would first like to recieve advice on specifying and evaluating your project, we are also available to support you.

Previous projects relate to the following topics:

  • Fluidized bed technologyfor thermal and material changeprocesses : fluidized bed combustion for biomass, waste and substitute fuels
    Calcination of magnesite with a significant reduction inCO2 emissions
    Activated clays as aCO2-reducing aggregate in cement production
  • Decarbonization of calcination processes:
    Process adjustments with regard to possible process expansion for CO₂ separation
  • Phosphorusrecycling:
    Innovative approaches to sustainably recover and use phosphorus from (sewage sludge) ash
  • Red mud processing:
    Process development for the sustainable treatment of red mud
  • Evaluation of complex solutions:
    Analysis and evaluation of sophisticated solutions, e.g. in the field of waste recycling
  • Cross-industry synergies: cooperation across industry boundaries to develop innovative solutions through diversity of perspectives

We see every issue as a specific challenge. We therefore place great importance on developing individual and customized solutions that are sustainable. What unites us is our ability to deal with the complexity and novelty of the challenge in a methodically sound manner and to jointly master the risk inherent in any innovation work in tried and tested work phases with specific milestones.

Regardless of whether you already have concrete ideas or are still in the idea phase or concept development – we are happy to support you in an initial exchange. We look forward to hearing from you!

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