Plant conversion (turnkey)

Optimisation often requires plant adaptations of varying depth. Based on analyses, studies and concepts, which we also design as a basis for control improvements, we also implement specific necessary plant conversions.

Plant conversion (turnkey)

Even in the initial studies and concepts, we pursue the approach of upgrading plants as minimally invasive as possible. Many steps are possible through control technology and digitalisation.

But if necessary, we also rebuild. In doing so, we adapt as well as possible to the client’s ideas. Depending on requirements, we act as a general contractor or focus on core service areas in the implementation and pay attention to the optimal integration of service components provided by the client in the technology work, engineering and project support.

The focus is on the operational restrictions (revision time window, minimisation of downtimes, existing topology) and the aforementioned claim to create the best possible optimisation in a “minimally invasive” manner. Compact project management for optimal coordination goes without saying.

This approach means that we can cover a range of very small conversion work for you, such as the addition and upgrading of sensors and actuators, through to general contractor contracts with a volume of several million euros.

Of course, we also supply our SNCR system with Artificial Intelligence technology as a complete solution at a fixed price.

For us, working in existing plants as well as optimising and using the existing configuration as economically and ecologically as possible is not the exception but the rule.

Our approach saves you costs, time and resources and often enables you to use your plant for a significantly longer period of time in an economically and ecologically sensible manner. This also makes sense in terms of circular economy considerations.

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