Dynamic simulation

Our dynamic plant simulations offer a variety of benefits in testing new control concepts, in operator training or also in a software FAT during the commissioning of a new control system.

The plant simulation (as a digital twin) can be coupled with different control systems. We use different software packages and combination options such as Mimic/Emerson DeltaV, Simit/Siemens and Matlab for further control system software solutions.

Optimally, the user interface is a copy of the control system. Thus, practically no difference to the real plant is recognisable. We create your processes based on our process engineering know-how and our extensive experience in consultation with your process experts.

For existing facility, we also consult historical data.

Concrete examples

Simulation of an exhaust air desulphurisation plant for FAT software

The commissioning of the new control system had to take place during operation, as a plant shutdown means production downtime. In order to test the control system for commissioning as well as possible in advance, a software FAT was carried out with a simulation.

Simulation Abluftentschwefelungsanlage

Simulation of the calculated savings

In order to validate the new EPOC Steammanager control concept in advance and to estimate the economic potential, a Matlab simulation was created and compared with historical data.

Validierung der Simulation von EPOC Steammanager

Reference projects

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