BCS® buffer storage management

The BCS® buffer storage management module with prediction function for the heat demand of the district heating network ensures optimum charging and discharging of your heat storage tanks. Mains peaks are passed on to the boiler in a damped manner through targeted discharging and during off-peak times the buffer storage tank is recharged accordingly.

The prediction function of theBCS PSM The optimized, forward-looking buffer storage management makes it possible to monitor the heat demand in the district heating network. The required output is requested from the active or prioritized heat generators according to the buffer volume.

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Your benefits from using buffer storage management

Technical advantages

    • Stabilization of boiler and blower operation protects the boiler components and thus extends their service life
    • Reduction of load changes and glow retention time at low load ensure optimum overall efficiency
    • Intuitive operation, taking into account individual specifications for loading temperature and limits

Economic advantages

    • Reduction of own power consumption through uniform operation of the combustion fans and avoidance of buffer overload (reduced electricity costs and higher conversion efficiency)
    • Reduction of malfunctions and necessary manual interventions (optimized personnel deployment)
    • Reduction in fuel consumption and peak load boiler operating times (reduced fuel costs)

Environmental advantages

    • Reduction of emissions and compliance with emission limits (CO, NOx, NH3…)
    • Reduction of fossil fuel requirements (peak load boiler – oil/gas)
    • Increased energy efficiency
Stabilization of boiler operation, smoother operation
Optimum overall efficiency
durch Reduktion der Lastwechsel
Constant compliance with emission limits
Reduction in the need for fossil fuels
Greater energy efficiency
Maximum power output
durch gezielte Vermeidung von Pufferüberladung

“Since implementing the BCS® Suite in our biomass heating plant, we have seen a noticeable increase in overall efficiency. Operations have not only become more efficient, but also more cost-effective. The lower fuel consumption and the reduction in workload have had a positive impact on our operating costs.”

Dr. Hubert Mayer from the Filzen cogeneration plant, plant operator

“The BCS® Suite has not only helped to reduce our operating costs, but also to minimize our environmental footprint. The significant reduction in emissions is a major contribution to environmental protection and fits in perfectly with our sustainability goals. It’s reassuring to know that our biomass heating plant has a positive impact on the environment.”

Sabine Reuters from the Silz cogeneration plant, Environmental Officer

“An outstanding aspect of the BCS® Suite is its accuracy of fit. Based on a thorough potential study, the suite was configured to precisely match the specific requirements of our biomass heating plant. This tailor-made solution has enabled us to make optimum use of the identified potential for improvement.”

Rainer Setters from the Maglitz cogeneration plant, commercial management

“The higher-level control strategy of the BCS® ensures not only safe but also reliable system control. The existing security concept is not affected in any way and we can continue to operate without any concerns. The seamless integration into the existing environment took place without any downtime, which was invaluable for us.”

DI Markus Warbel from the Langen cogeneration plant, safety officer

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Would you like to find out more? Should we call you or would you like to receive further information by e-mail?

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