BCS® Suite

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The BCS® (Biomass Control Solution) Suite is a superordinate regulation for biomass heating (power) plants and improves them in several areas. It consists of six standardized modules that can be individually combined depending on the system configuration. In the BCS® Suite, we combine process engineering know-how with modern control technology and digitalisation to create a compact, quickly deployable product.

You benefit from the improvement in overall efficiency and the consistently efficient operation of your biomass heating (power) plant. Less fuel is used and less work is required due to a significant reduction in the necessary manual interventions, which is economically significant. Optimising your biomass heating (power) plant with a BCS® also makes a considerable contribution to climate protection by significantly reducing emissions. The service life of your system is also extended thanks to constant, even operation of the boiler.

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“The data analysis and interpretation at the beginning clearly showed the potential. The compact optimization concept combined the renewal of the control system with as few conversion measures as possible. The commissioning was well prepared and proceeded professionally and without problems. The result is convincing.”

Christoph Trenker, Fernheizwerk Welsberg Niederdorf (FWN)

“The renewal measures implemented by VOIGT+WIPP Engineers on the EMSRT including energy efficiency optimization at the Bramberg heating plant lead to significantly higher efficiencies than in the past. The plant was upgraded in two phases to the latest control and regulation technology with the BCS® Suite. With the investment made, Salzburg AG has made a contribution to the more efficient use of domestic resources.” Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Ing. Günther Seifter, Manager Holzwärme Altenmarkt GmbH

“In the past years, VOIGT+WIPP Engineers implemented several projects for Stadtwärme Lienz after a potential analysis with the fire power control BCS® FLR, the buffer storage management BCS® PSM and the load hierarchy management BCS® LHM and the required automation. With high control quality, ease of operation, and significant improvements – for example, increased performance in the ORC module – we continue to be convinced of the quality of the BCS suite. In service, we benefit from pleasant cooperation and thus keep our control system up to date.”

Ing. Thomas Mühlmann, operations manager Stadtwärme Lienz

“VOIGT+WIPP Engineers implemented the firing rate control and buffer storage management for our biomass cogeneration plant with BCS®. We have now also automated the peak load boiler and integrated it into the higher-level BCS® Suite control system. Once again, the implementation went smoothly, on schedule and within the calculated budget. Thanks to the integration into the higher-level buffer storage management system, we not only save manual intervention but also fuel (oil), which reduces our CO2 footprint.”

DI Benjamin Lachmayer, managing director Nahwärme Neukirchen

BCS® – Biomass Control Solution

BCS® project procedure

In principle, it is possible to carry out a BCS® project as an investment or via a user agreement. In both cases, the implementation conforms to the EU taxonomy. The contributions corresponding to the environmental objectives (taxonomy, Article 9) are presented.

We design your BCS® project together in three phases.

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Our modern, intuitive & user-friendly HMI clearly displays all important data and information. This allows you to maintain an overview at all times.

A wide variety of evaluations and forecasts can be customized to your requirements and needs.


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