Flue gas condensation

Flue gas condensation plants at biomass heating plants make it possible to recover the sensible and latent heat contained in the flue gas. They cool the flue gases to such an extent that the residual energy they contain becomes usable. The energy required to evaporate the water contained in the fuel in the combustion chamber is partially recovered in this way. Due to rising fuel costs, it makes sense to retrofit flue gas condensation systems to existing plants. In addition, the prerequisites for the installation or later retrofitting of a flue gas condensation system should be taken into account when planning new systems. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

With this form of heat recovery, you reduce your fuel costs or increase your generator output to reduce the use of oil or gas in peak load boilers. You benefit from increased overall efficiency and thus from increased cost-effectiveness of your heating plant. You also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Our services for fundamental questions

  • Potential studies to determine the process engineering and economic potential of installing a flue gas condensation plant
  • Preparation and analysis of process data (model-based analyses to calculate annual savings)
  • Holistic consideration of the system (fuel, firing system, heat network, consumers)
  • If there is sufficient leverage: design of the plant concept that offers the best technological and economic solution for the site.

Our services for existing flue gas condensation plants

  • Identification of optimisation potentials and proposed solutions to increase the efficiency of existing flue gas condensation plants
  • Analysis and concepts for increasing the heat recovery rate to reduce fuel costs or oil and gas use for peak load coverage
  • Analysis and concept to avoid corrosion on the heat exchanger surfaces
  • Analysis and optimisation of the heat exchanger flow (CFD analyses, baffles, etc.) for better utilisation of the installed heat exchanger surface area

Our services for the implementation of flue gas condensation plants

  • Planning, engineering and technical consulting during the construction or conversion of your flue gas condensation plant:
  • We define the installation positions of sensors and actuators, specify the sensor and actuator technology, provide support in drafting contracts with suppliers and in agreeing on warranty values.
  • We also retrofit flue gas condensation plants as a total service (analogous to GU) – simple and clearly comprehensible return on investment for you.

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