Dryer systems

We are familiar with a wide range of process engineering challenges in the various types of dryers and in the specific industries. You benefit from this rich experience in combined process and control optimisation.

The customised control concept gets the maximum out of your dryer systems, usually leading to quieter and thus more robust operation with consistently high energy efficiency and drying performance quality.

Dryer-specific design levers

  • Indirectly heated drum dryers
    • Shortening of dryer start-up times after standstill (rapid achievement of a stable operating state for chip feed)
    • Stable discharge of condensate from the tube bundles
    • Good material transport in the drum
    • Optimum drying air recirculation with centre extraction
    • Automatic optimisation (minimisation) of specific energy consumption for chip drying
    • Avoidance of oscillations of the exhaust air temperature
    • Avoidance of chip supply shutdowns due to “dryer clogging
  • Directly heated drum dryers
    • Optimal process control with and without recirculation for energy-efficient operation through optimal saturation of the drying gas
    • Optimum loading and temperature of the exhaust air taking into account the moisture equilibrium (sorption isotherms)
    • Good material transport in the drum
  • Trough-air drying (screen drum and belt dryers)
    • Minimisation of the specific drying energy requirement
    • Optimum throughput
    • Minimisation of start-up times
    • Minimisation of rejects during start-up and in the event of malfunctions
  • Airstream dryer
    • Optimum energy distribution with 2-stage drying
    • Maximum recirculation of drying air by regulating the negative pressure
    • Regulation of exhaust air temperatures, thus optimum saturation of the drying air
  • Dryers of paper and coating machines
    • Fast automatic ramp-up after tear-off and standstill from performance speed to maximum target speed – especially for “light” products (low grammage)
    • Maximisation of target speed with highest product quality – especially for “heavy” products (high grammage)
    • Minimisation of grammage change waste by accelerating grammage changes
    • Automatic provision of optimised tear-off/feed cylinder parameters
    • Maximum quality with high energy efficiency
    • Automatic detection and visualisation of the maximum speed, taking into account the condition of the line
    • Visualisation of limiting factors

Your advantages at a glance

Depending on the technology, we use the basic levers mentioned above in our combined process and control optimisation.

In any case, the following overarching advantages are guaranteed

  • High energy efficiency, corresponding economic efficiency
  • Quiet, robust operation
  • Constant product quality
  • Emissions within the limit values
  • High degree of automation
  • Transparent KPIs

Our extensive experience from many implemented projects is integrated in our EPOC Dryer product.