Plant Balance Solutions

With our Plant Balance solutions, we cover different expectations. We develop solutions for you that balance individual plant components as well as an entire site. Site balancing is often used for diagnostic purposes as live balancing and to simulate future scenarios.

Sankey DiagrammThis also results in the possibility of interaction between simulation and the operator.

We create mass and energy balances of material flows. These can also be coupled with our control algorithms. This allows you to achieve different optima depending on the specifications.

Likewise, daily, weekly or annual targets can be met or achieved with pinpoint accuracy and thus highly efficiently by means of corresponding forecast functions.

An important aspect is the presentation of our Plant Balance Solution. This is classically done as a Sankey diagram, but you can also choose other forms of presentation.

The selection of these display formats is integrated as a dashboard in the Live Performance Cockpit of the KAIDIRA®-Suite. With the help of this, it is also possible to create reports according to selected time intervals.

Examples of application and use

Plant Balance Solution at paper mills

  • Superordinate steam network control in paper mills
  • Maximum supply security for the production machines (constant pressure)
  • Use of the degrees of freedom for steam storage or usable utilisation in the event of a paper break in the system
  • Increase in electricity generation
  • Participation in electricity exchange
  • Minimisation of fossil energy use

Plant Balance Solution for sawmills

  • Securing the heat supply of the production plants
  • Compensation of heat fluctuations during operation of drying kilns
  • Constant heat quantity for belt dryers
  • High power generation for ORC and steam turbines