Contract management, awarding

Based on client expectations and requirements, as well as requirements arising from emission limits, official notices or the EU taxonomy for proven sustainability, we develop concrete service specifications suitable for awarding contracts. These service specifications are an essential basis for the awarding of contracts and fair contract design.

For the benefit of the client (to ensure timely performance of the required services), contracts combine the technical performance with the time and logistical requirements and restrictions as well as the legal framework. We are guided here by your ideas and are accustomed to integrating our elaborations into the usual Central European legal framework or, for example, to drafting and implementing contracts in accordance with FIDIC (

The extent of our support for your contract management depends on your ideas, wishes and internal resources. In principle, the implementation of contracts as well as the client-friendly handling of claim management with timely implementation of the scope of services is closely linked to optimal project management.

We take care of the early identification of change requirements or deviations for you as our client. In doing so, we ensure that the associated expenses are handled in a cost-effective but fair manner for you. Furthermore, we pay attention to professional execution and sensible documentation.

This means that we accompany your contract preparation (focus on scope of services and service limits, deadlines, commissioning and acceptance criteria and documentation requirements) and contract implementation.