Process technology

Our process engineering competencies are focused on several areas. At the core are the technologies for energy generation from thermal plants – this concerns the firing technologies as well as the corresponding complementary technologies of flue gas treatment, cleaning and the combination to the overall plant.

Process technology

Since the paper industry, the wood-based materials industry, the sawmill industry, the food industry and the plastics industry all have high energy requirements and operate their own power plants, we have the necessary process engineering expertise in these industries from many years of practical experience.

In our optimisation work in the brownfield area of existing plants in the manufacturing industry, it is often necessary to combine the topics of energy supply, energy distribution and energy use in production.

For energy suppliers, it is important to enable the corresponding flexibility of energy supply in terms of process technology or with different fuel alternatives. The focus here is on optimisation with a view to the long-term sustainability of your existing plants.

In addition to process-engineering issues, safety optimisation and the design of economic and ecological sustainability are constantly at the centre of our work.

We accompany you through the entire process – from analysis and concept to control technology and plant conversion.

Reference projects

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