Advanced Process Control (APC)

The optimisation of industrial production processes is the focus of our use of Advanced Process Control (APC). The basis for optimal control and digital mapping always lies in a deep understanding of the process technology. Existing plants are significantly improved with APC, and the interventions are minimally invasive. We see APC as a “collective term” for innovative control technologies that include predictive control methods and are closely linked to many digitalization tools.

We use a wide range of Advanced Process Control technologies

  • Model Predictive Control (MPC), Embedded MPC (model predictive control based on PLC – highly available!)
  • Neural Network Process Identification and Control
  • Fuzzy Control
  • Controllers that include Artificial Intelligence
  • Non-linear control
  • PID loop performance monitoring (automatic detection of defective actuators and sensors, automatic detection and correction of badly adjusted PID control loops, monitoring of critical PID control loops, …)
  • PID loop performance optimisation (maximisation of control performance, minimisation of oscillations, minimisation of deviations between setpoint and actual values, actuator-friendly control operation)

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Our services

  • Process and system analysis for control concept development
  • Design of experiments for model development and parameter identification
  • Planning / design of the superordinate control concepts
    • Modelling of the plant using well-founded process engineering know-how
    • Design of the controller, simulation and validation of the control concept
    • Use of our products with integrated modules and toolboxes (EPOC®, BCS®)
    • Developing and visualising the effects, levers and decision bases
    • Accompanying the decision for implementation
  • Integration in existing plants
    • Optimising the controller parameters, customising and adapting to the facility
    • Increasing the performance (according to the concept and the simulation)
  • Commissioning and optimisation
    • Implementation of hardware and software – according to the decisions made
    • Optional: either renew the existing control system or integrate a higher-level control system with signal exchange and update of the control technology
  • Increase performance through “controller fine-tuning” in close coordination with the operators
  • Knowledge transfer with the operators, operator training for new plant systems
  • Support of the implemented system solution within the framework of a service contract

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