Firing technologies

There is an optimal combustion technology for each different application. After a precise analysis of your current and future fuels and their quantities, we work out the technically optimal combustion technology for your project.

On this basis, you will arrive at the best possible variant determined from an economic and technical perspective, and thus at a valid basis for decisions on adaptations, conversions or new buildings.

In other cases, such as load range extensions or changes in fuel compositions, it is not usual to switch from an existing firing technology to a different one, as this is usually not economical.

The optimisation of existing firing technologies always concerns the topics of fuel utilisation efficiency (firing efficiency, boiler efficiency), the minimum possible emissions, especially greenhouse gas emissions, and fuel flexibility. We examine the future requirements and draw up conversion concepts, which we develop with the support of simulationsin an economically and technically optimal way.

Our services at a glance

  • Data analysis, plant analysis
  • Furnace modelling, refractory lining
  • Concepts for staged combustion
  • Optimum utilisation of the fuel – even with heterogeneous fuels, we can guarantee stable plant operation thanks to appropriate controllers
  • We deal with all common boiler types and sizes (grate firing systems: Horizontal, feed, push-back and roller grates, fluidised bed furnaces: stationary, circulating and rotary kilns).

Reference projects

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