Flow optimisation

Flow optimisations make an important contribution to the maximum efficiency of process plants. These can be carried out using CFD simulations.

Possible results you receive from us after flow optimisation

  • Analysis and concept to avoid corrosion on the heat exchanger surfaces
  • Analysis and optimisation of the incident flow of the heat exchangers (CFD analyses, baffles, etc.) for improved utilisation of the installed heat exchanger surface area
  • Lower pressure losses and thus lower power consumption of the fans
  • Analysis and concepts to increase the heat recovery rate and thus reduce fuel costs.

The picture below shows a heat exchanger surface with an unfavourable incident flow and thus poor utilisation of the installed surface. If the inflow is very different, damage to your system or individual parts will occur much more often and faster. Up to one third of the usable flue gases are often not utilised. This prolongs the amortisation of the system and increases the risk of premature damage.