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VOIGT+WIPP Engineers GmbH has been offering services in the fields of mechanical engineering, control and process engineering for over 20 years.

The spectrum ranges from plant and process analysis to the optimisation of entire plant networks. Our understanding of how plants and processes function and interact enables us to analyse and optimise with a view to the whole. As a result, our customers benefit from improved energy efficiency and increased performance. Our customised solutions allow you to make maximum use of existing assets, regardless of the manufacturer, and thus significantly increase the economic efficiency of your plants!

By linking process engineering, control engineering and mechanical engineering, our customers receive valuable know-how from a single source – more than the sum of the individual disciplines. Guaranteed.

VOIGT+WIPP Engineers is also an Energy Service Company (ESCO) and offers a wide range of energy saving projects. From the analysis and study of existing optimisation potentials in industrial power plants and production facilities to the elaboration of process and automation solutions for the sustainable and economic utilisation of energy savings to the monitoring and service of the implemented solutions, we provide all services for successful and long-term effective energy optimisation solutions.

VOIGT+WIPP Engineers – is part of the CONENGA Group

As part of the CONENGA Group, we continue to implement numerous projects from planning and consulting to the implementation and commissioning of sophisticated process engineering solutions across all industries. The competence areas of management and strategy consulting, as well as digitalisation, are covered by our sister company FACT Consulting and CHORUS DIGITAL. VOIGT+WIPP Industrial Research as a non-university research institute complements the range of services as an important bridge builder between scientific findings and their practical application.

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The more complex the process, the easier it is to overlook performance reserves and optimisation potential. This is precisely where we come in, combining our know-how from control and process engineering as well as mechanical engineering to create high-quality solutions.

Our range of services extends from analysing the energy efficiency of plants or buildings to central load management for linking power plant networks. The focus is always on solving your problems!

VOIGT+WIPP Engineers – your partner in the following fields:

  • Design and layout of process engineering processes
  • Automation and optimised operation of thermal power plants
  • Advanced Process Control & Optimisation (Model Predictive Control, Fuzzy Control, Enterprise Management Systems, Key Performance Indicator Optimisation, Utilisation Optimization, Efficiency Optimization,…)
  • Optimised operation of waste incineration plants
  • Operation assistance for biomass plants
  • Optimised operation of district heating networks
  • Optimisation of process plants and processes
  • Process automation
  • Higher-level control systems on an industrial scale
  • Safety engineering
  • Simulation
  • System integration
  • complex automation algorithms

With our know-how and experience, we enable higher output at constant resource input. Our technological superiority also enables us to tap potential in plants that are running at the performance limit. In any case, you will receive an increase in energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness from us.

Talk to us, together we will find a solution!


We have gained experience in numerous industries and have the corresponding specialist knowledge, particularly in the following areas:

  • Biomass furnaces
  • Chemical industry
  • Building technology
  • Wood industry
  • Power plants
  • Food
  • Waste incineration
  • Paper industry
  • Water/waste water

In addition, we are happy to offer you our assistance with our expertise in any other energy-intensive sector.

We handle projects, regardless of the sector, as transparently as possible and coordinate closely with you. A trusting relationship with the client is the be-all and end-all of rapid and goal-oriented cooperation. This is very important to us. For this reason, we always offer preliminary projects, which serve both to coordinate with your needs and to get to know each other.

Contact us to find out more about technically high-quality solutions. We are at your disposal!


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