In the preliminary considerations and planning of new or rebuilt process facilities, there are always questions about facility performance and environmental impact (e.g. CO2 footprint). We carry out facility simulations to provide reliable answers to these questions and those relating to fuel yield or emission behaviour.


We simulate the planned system configuration or system states as well as the control behaviour, especially in the case of usual load changes during operation and in the case of malfunctions. This allows us to accurately predict whether effectiveness and efficiency are guaranteed and whether critical situations occur or how the system will then behave.

In optimisation projects or capacity expansions, we also eliminate ambiguities with regard to the expected performance by means of dynamic simulation.

Our consistently systematic approach is based on handling large amounts of data and guarantees meaningful results in terms of the problem and beyond. As a client, as well as a contractor, you can confidently implement and commission an optimisation after a successful simulation.

The following example shows the mathematik model of the O2 concentration – at 6 a.m. a switchover to the control to be tested takes place.

Simulation O2 Konzentration