Fire position measurement with AI technology

The AI-based fire position determination, developed in the CONENGA Group, enables you to digitally determine the current fire position for grate firing systems. This can serve as the basis for significantly improved control of the combustion process.

Digital information on the current fire situation

Our AI models, implemented with neural networks, independently evaluate the individual images of an optical firebox camera and extract important information, such as the position of the fire location or the length of the burnout zone (=burnout reserve). With this information, which is provided in digital form, it is possible to integrate the fire situation into the control concept. This allows continuous optimization of the combustion process. Burnout reserves are detected and adjustments can be made to grate speeds and material feed. This allows you to make the most of your existing grate area and achieve a smoother firing position.

You can access the data via an open interface, which can be integrate directly into your control system or regulation. We make the recorded data available to you on our web-based data platform KAIDIRA® (Data Analytics Reporting and Optimization) Suite. Using the KAIDIRA® Suite, you can monitor and analyze he process values and combine them with other process data to create customized KPIs. With this access to the history data, it is possible to draw conclusions about the fuel, among other things. Provided that performance values are included, other analyses such as correlations to fire position can also be performed.

Fire position measurement convinces with its compactness and comparatively low cost, as it is based on an optical camera instead of the significantly more expensive infrared cameras and can often rely on existing cameras.

Your benefit

Fire position measurement VWE

Fire position measurement VWE

  • Precise AI-based detection of fire position and burnout zone length

  • Integration into existing control technology as well as availability of open interface

  • Recognition of correlations of combustion parameters to fire position

  • Optical camera with digital signal as low requirement

  • Permanent 24/7 data acquisition as a basis for alarming

Our process engineers analyze the conditions in your kiln, the physical framework conditions and the optimization possibilities of the plant with our firing position determination.
The fire position determination requires footage of the entire firebox from a fixed firebox camera with RTSP support. Operation with multiple firebox cameras is also possible. If this prerequisite is not met or if you require a retrofit, we will be very happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate camera for your system, using tried and tested industrial cameras.
For optimal and secure use of the data, the appropriate IT infrastructure is also required. We provide the required IT infrastructure and offer a cloud solution or a combination of cloud and on-premises solution depending on your requirements. We design the IT infrastructure in close coordination with your IT security rules and your IT department.

After delivery and commissioning of the firebox camera (if not already available) and the required IT infrastructure, a data set optimized for your firebox is initially generated, which we use to train an optimal AI model for the specific expression of your fire position determination.
This is followed by the integration of the trained AI model. This includes data recording, data exchange (e.g. via MQTT) and optionally integration into your SCADA system and control. We contribute our extensive know-how on grate firing and the corresponding process technology.
Once trial operation has been completed, we work with your technicians to transfer the installed solution to regular operation.

Other services

Thanks to the secure digital connection, we can adapt, retrain and optimize the software on an ad hoc basis, for example to ensure the functionality of the fire position determination in the event of a component change, a furnace conversion or a fuel change.

Combination with products

For your optimum benefit from automatic firing position determination, we use our EPOC® Boiler or BCS® FLR firing rate controls. With AI-based fire position detection, we improve existing process engineering controls and ensure permanently improved boiler operation.