Dedusting primarily concerns flue gas cleaning (RGR) of waste wood and waste incineration plants, but also the area of industrial dedusting. In these processes, we have extensive expertise in the design, control and optimisation of the plants.

In the objectives for these plants, minimising operating (resource) costs and increasing travel time for the central technologies – fabric filters or multicyclones – are combined with concrete environmental goals.

By optimising these plants, clean exhaust air and thus optimal environmental protection is achieved.

For dedusting of combustion exhaust gases, it can make sense to optimise the dust collection efficiency instead of minimising it in order to optimise the residue disposal routes. However, the ecological aspect of the purity of the exhaust gases always represents the highest maxim for action.

Methods used

  • Mass and energy balancing
  • Comparison of key figures
  • CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics) as a basis for flow optimisation (together with scientific cooperation partners)

Optimisation measures

  • Conception, basic and detail engineering of conversion measures
  • Cyclone design based on the laws of fluid mechanics
  • Use of baffles and flow comparators
  • Support in the selection of filter media