Documentation, CE

The CE marking declares that the product complies with the applicable requirements laid down in the harmonisation legislation of the European Community concerning its affixing. The CE mark is an administrative mark which documents that the product (heating network) has been subjected to and complies with the regulations harmonised in the EU.

The CE marking is carried out on the manufacturer’s own responsibility – unless a notified body is required for assessment.

Our services for CE marking

  • Review of potentially relevant CE directives
  • Review of transposition into national law
  • Research of harmonised standards
  • Determination of the conformity assessment procedure
  • Examination of the technical documentation
  • Examination of the documentation of the individual manufacturers
  • Examination and, if necessary, supplementation of the operating instructions including all hazard warnings or labelling for control and operating elements
  • Preparation of the declaration of conformity
  • Affixing the CE mark