Waste heat utilisation

Waste heat is the thermal energy generated by a technical device or system that is released unused into the environment. In times of rising energy prices and dwindling resources, intelligent energy management represents a significant competitive advantage.

Waste heat recovery is important in practically all industrial and commercial sectors. It is obvious in industries whose processes require a lot of heat.

Examples of energy-intensive industries

  • Metal processing industry
  • Food industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Wood industry
  • Drying plants
  • Biomass furnaces

Typical examples of waste heat utilisation

  • Building heating
  • Hot water heating
  • Preheating of media

Depending on the temperature level, there are other types of use. At higher temperature levels, as can occur in industrial processes or from waste gases from incineration plants, we also implement electricity generation by means of an ORC process.

The challenge in creating waste heat concepts lies in finding energy sinks that require the waste heat as useful heat. We use cross-system control concepts to minimize the buffer volume required for heat storage, for example by starting production processes in a controlled manner in order to release or absorb heat. The limiting factor here is always process-related reasons. With our concepts and solutions for waste heat recovery, you benefit from our many years of experience and expertise as well as optimal utilization of your potential. You also make a contribution to climate protection.

Reference projects

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