The implementation builds on the detail engineering and includes procurement, awarding of contracts, delivery, assembly and commissioning as well as the accompanying documentation and ensuring all safety-relevant activities.


For your benefit, we either implement the entire package (turnkey) or take on the role as your planning and monitoring consultants. The respective role is agreed upon depending on your resources and ideas.

We do not see ourselves as “classic plant constructors” but as specialists for customised optimisations that also require conversion work. Accordingly, we always focus on optimising and improving the plant in all implementation steps. There is often the requirement to adapt to predefined shutdown time windows and to implement essential conversion steps in a very compact way.

For the implementation, we work either with local partners on site or with long-standing specialised partners who share our understanding of quality.

For us, implementation is complete when the plant has been commissioned and the goals developed in the preceding studies have been achieved. Using our sound understanding of technology, we clarify in advance the very challenging question of how the service provided will ultimately be assessed as meeting the objectives.

In the event of change requirements, which often arise on the client side during implementation, we act in an agile manner. Particularly in the case of brownfield conversions, a rigid understanding of the performance profile, which usually cannot be fully assessed in advance, would be a hindrance during implementation.

For your benefit, we are able to use appropriate methods to achieve tight deadlines on the one hand and to maintain the necessary flexibility in the form and depth of the implementation on the other.

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