Measurements as a service

With our extensive experience in measurement technology and our continuously calibrated measuring instruments, we offer the following measurements as a service:

  • Emission measurement (oxygen content, CO/NOx content)
  • Flow measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Multimeter multi-measurement device (voltage / current / frequency / capacity / resistance)
  • Thermal imaging camera measurements

Testo measurement

The measurements are important for a variety of purposes. In our process analyses for optimisations, we carry out a variety of measurements in order to obtain even more in-depth fact-based inputs in addition to available data. You can use measurements to check your current regulations and also receive direct input for optimisations. Among other things, we use emission measurements to check compliance with legal guidelines or the functionality of measuring devices permanently installed in your plant. Of course, we also use emission measurements in our process analyses to check various parameters. For example, we use them to determine whether complete combustion of the fuel is taking place or whether sufficient air is entering the combustion chambers.

Measurement in a biomass power plantWe also measure the flow velocity in pipes to work out indications of pressure differences. We can also detect turbulence in pipes caused by caking / contamination, for example.

Based on these values, we develop further calculations and simulations that contribute to the optimisation concept of your plant.