Project management

We integrate a sound and comprehensive understanding of project management into the plant conversions we manage and accompany. This includes project planning, project organisation, project communication and ongoing controlling to the extent appropriate to the client’s organisation.

For your benefit, we also bring our diverse project experience to bear in the optimal elaboration of the design of the project planning (tasks, sequence, deadlines, costs). We pragmatically consider the expected requirements as well as the economic representation of the agreed scope of services at the defined deadlines and ensure the best possible compliance. In doing so, we also focus on avoiding unforeseen costs due to additional services or problems that are not included in the scope of the contract.

Ausschnitt aus einem Umbauprojekt: Projektstruktur und Terminplan (Gantt-Chart)The continuity from the conception to the drawing up of the contract to the monitoring of the performance profile is a clear advantage here. Usually, with astutely designed project management, it is possible to meet deadlines and avoid additional costs. Furthermore, the implementation of additional services required by the client during the project is usually possible at a reasonable cost.

We see project management as the part of the service that is almost unnoticed when it is optimally designed, but which is essential for the success of complex conversions.