Technical consulting

As consulting engineers with distinctive technological know-how, we are happy to support you in a wide range of tasks at the intersection of technology / engineering / economic efficiency / ecology / management.

Technical consulting

In our consulting work, we combine in-depth technical expertise with many years of consulting and implementation experience. If you need short consultations (impulses), in-depth studies or very specific solutions for your project – we are happy to support you.

If you, as the client, would like to have the drafting of contracts with contractors accompanied throughout the entire award process, we will be happy to contribute our experience at this complex interface. Of course, we also support you during commissioning or acceptance with an additional (expert) opinion.

We often combine our technical consulting with approaches and approaches from management consulting. We advise you on the requirements that major technical changes also create on the organisational side, and use the tools of change management here.

In well-founded consulting and moderation of risk analyses and HAZOPs we contribute the technical and methodological knowledge needed for optimal implementation.

We ourselves implement process and control technology in many projects, convert plants and advise companies on their change projects in management consulting. It is precisely this broad spectrum of experience and the fact that we not only advise but also implement that you benefit from in our consulting services.