We understand service in a comprehensive way and include update, maintenance and repair work on the products and services we deliver in our projects.

Why service?

From your perspective as our customer and operator of the plant, it is of great importance to keep the contents we supply in optimal condition and operation. With the services of VOIGT+WIPP Engineers we support you!

The products we implement and commission at your plant are the basis for our core services.

Among the extended services you can expect from us are the following:

  • Data evaluations
  • Emission measurements along the flue gas duct
  • Suitability evaluation of components to be replaced or newly used and to keep the operational safety high
  • Training for your operating personnel

Our service for your safety

  • Keeping OT and IT security concepts up to date
  • Contributions to your maintenance concept to maintain economic functionality, increase plant availability and reduce downtimes
  • Rapid assistance in the event of unexpected operating conditions
  • Availability of highly developed, specific know-how and special tools, combined with the benefits of experience from long-standing partnerships
  • Up-to-date and well-maintained plant data (with appropriate data connections)
  • Utilisation of information that can be gained from service and malfunctions in order to identify plant weak points and optimisation approaches

Our service – your plant in balance

  • Prioritized support from our support team
  • Quick help in case of emergency
  • Preventive, continuous maintenance for preservation, security updates, reduced risk.
  • Competent support for optimizations
  • Cost reduction thanks to custom-fit and technically sensible improvements