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As a non-university research institute, VOIGT + WIPP Industrial Research GmbH realizes research projects together with partners from industry and science.

In our mostly technology-focused research, we work on the best solutions in all questions relating to energy efficiency, material efficiency, circular economy and climate protection.

In accordance with our interdisciplinary orientation, as part of the CONENGA Group, we include all relateddigitization,organizational development methodsand management topics.

We research and develop because it
is our passion

Our attitude

Curiosity, international networking, conscious thinking outside the box and the consistent pursuit of demanding research projects enable us to actively advance our knowledge.

Inaddition to our own research work, we see ourselves as bridge builders between science and the application of technology and technology. Our scientists also benefit from in-depth practical know-how from the diverse consulting and engineering projects of the CONENGA Group.

Our experience, our resources

We draw our experience from numerous, implemented research projects with several cooperation partners from universities, research and industry.

We are pleased that you are interested in our research topics. We are happy to support you in applying for suitable projects as research projects from public and private sponsors and work with you on new challenges.

Added value, benefit

As a non-university research institute, we support a wide range of researchprojects as a scientific partner. The added value of our research projects does justice to both ecological and economic goals.

We open up new areas of application for existing technologies as well as for research results and new developments. W this access we generate sustainable added value for our partners.

For our research partners from the industrial sector, this leads to realizable findings that can also be directly integrated into the value chain.. Our existing partner network and many personal relationships that have grown based on trust represent an important resource.

In our embedding in the CONENGA Group, we always follow the claim to translate the results of research work into added value that can be used industrially in practice. We consistently implement the results of our research work. Know-how, experience and competence are important raw materials in the entire group.

Industrial Research

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