KAIDIRA® – Knowledge, AI, Digitalization, Information, Reporting Application

The KAIDIRA® Suite enables a wide range of applications and optimizations. We mostly use this suite in conjunction with EPOC® Suite or the BCS® Suite.

The application is independent of the industry. The data connection is made via MQTT or OPC UA. Other protocols are also possible for specific projects.

All the advantages of the cloud application are securely available via two-factor authentication and corresponding additional security standards. The corresponding hardware and software infrastructure is designed specifically for the project.

The Live Performance Cockpit

This is integrated as a product in the web-based cloud software KAIDIRA® – Suite, a product with the help of which you can display and monitor sensor values of your plant or also self-defined KPIs summarized in a dashboard. This gives you an overview of your production factors, consumption, production quantities, sales volumes and much more. Individually created alarm values inform you if parameters leave the desired range. This allows you to take immediate countermeasures and increase your performance.

With the LPC, you benefit from a variety of included toolboxes that fundamentally optimise your data analysis and visualisation. Among other things, these toolboxes enable the representation of complex correlations or the integration of diagnostic modules to show target-performance comparisons from the theoretical optimum to the practical value.

DARO Live Performance Cockpit

The features at a glance

  • Automatic reliable data acquisition
  • Live visualisation of process data & KPIs
  • Customised diagnostics & alerting functionality
  • Secure data storage & long-term information generation
  • Automatic export of operational reports
  • Use of AI and Deep Learning for Closed Loop Feedback Control