The BCS fit was specially developed for wood-fired heating plants that have already been in use for a long time and need a “reboot” in terms of automation technology to make them fit for the future again. Our tried and tested BCS®-Suite (Biomass Control Solution), which implements intelligent control concepts for systems with its various modules, has been expanded to include the system automation module.

It is therefore a combination of automation, control, user interface and data recording on a central control unit – the PLC. The individual components are clearly structured within the PLC. The required internal interfaces were considered during development and are an integral part of the system.

Start with the WHY – Why BCS fit?

The BCS fit offers the significant advantage that we can automate and control the entire system on a single PLC. This also applies if, for example, several boilers, a buffer storage tank, a flue gas condensation system and the grid control system are to be replaced. This reduces the probability of failure for the individual trades and eliminates the interfaces between the individual control systems – this also reduces connection interruptions.

Operation also takes place on
Surface. The program for this, HMI (Human Machine Interface) for short, also runs directly on the PLC. This means that there is no need to connect a dedicated program on a single PC to make the interface available. Instead, the interface can be called up and intuitively operated from any network-compatible device, e.g. a PC, notebook or smartphone that is in the same network as the PLC.

All-in-one package BCS fit

By combining the expertise of automation and intelligent control, an all-in-one package is created. Not only everything from a single source, but also everything on one PLC, which enables comprehensive support for the entire system. All questions relating to the operation of the system can be asked together and detailed records mean that an answer can (almost) always be found.

Keyword process data recording: This is another major advantage of the BCS fit. All process data is recorded every second and stored centrally in a database. This process data can then be tracked via the BCS Cloud in the form of trend charts and KPI calculations, allowing conclusions to be drawn about operations.

The advantages of BCS fit at a glance

  • No intervention in the safety architecture
  • No switch cabinet replacement
  • No additional interface between control and automation
  • Modern automation hardware
  • PLC automation including control
  • One HMI for all operating areas
  • Service and monitoring
  • Cooperation with continuity and support


In the next article, David Hechinger, our BCS fit expert, explains the practical implementation of a BCS fit project.

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