Industry, energy and production

Energie, Industrie & Produktion

Are you looking for optimization opportunities in the areas of industry, energy and production?

For energy-intensive industries and utilities, the challenges are changing dynamically. Scarce availability causes prices for energy sources to rise massively. The requirements of the “European Green Deal” impose additional costs (CO₂ pricing) and restrictions on fossil fuels in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, in addition to complying with statutory emission limits and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there is also the parallel challenge of reducing costs by reducing primary energy use. More and more often, a shortage of skilled workers is also a task to be overcome when staffing the operating team.
EPOC® stands for “Energy & Production Optimization Control” and offers a higher-level optimization solution that can be used site-wide. Based on in-depth process engineering know-how, you receive a comprehensive tool for achieving and maintaining maximum efficiency levels and adapting them to new circumstances.


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