Detail Engineering

Depending on the procedure and scope of the order, we provide the detail engineering or transfer it to the contractors (design&build). Accordingly, the performance limits are fluid / different here depending on the order.

The task of the detail engineering is to check the plausibility of the concept developed in the basic engineering and consequently to specify the components.

Following your customer’s request, we contact the respective manufacturers to select component types and determine the final details. While we define the performance characteristics of a pump in the basic engineering, we select a specific pump with type designation from a manufacturer of your choice in the detail engineering. This provides you with all the prerequisites for a tender to be issued to the companies to carry out the work.

Typical services

  • 3D plant design and installation planning in detail (e.g.: pipe statics, isometrics and secondary steel construction)
  • Necessary sectional views of height-critical areas if required for implementation planning
  • Review of process planning, process and plant description
  • Detailed review of P&I flow diagrams
  • Selection and dimensioning of main equipment
  • Detailed design and dimensioning of piping (consideration of plant standards)
  • Design of safety valves against excess pressure
  • Detail design of piping with secondary steelwork and storage
  • Specification of e.g. the pressure maintenance device and other components
  • Planning of platforms
  • Planning of automation and process control technology (cable routes, measuring point lists, motor or device lists, alarm and limit value lists, sequence function plans, control diagrams)
  • Safety planning, risk assessment, continuation of HAZOP (SIL classification, explosion protection)