Pre-Basic Engineering

In Pre-Basic Engineering we take care of the clear identification of your problems and prepare a solution explicitly tailored to your system. We focus on the deep understanding of your problem and the specific elaboration of your respective requirements. This enables us to provide you with a comprehensive project overview even before the start of the project and thus to propose only the steps that are really necessary. This allows you a fast and lean and thus time- and cost-optimised project process and forms a decision-making basis for the next steps.

In our understanding, pre-basic engineering comprises the conception of the conversion with plant concept, control concept, cost and schedule estimation, based on precise analyses of the existing data situation and recordings of the local conditions.

In the event that there is no clearly best engineering variant, we work out the variants in full and present them to you afterwards. We support your decision-making with know-how and together we come to the best decision for you. Based on this, you as the customer can choose which package you want to commission VWE with.

We take into account as many aspects as possible from the very beginning and adapt to the individual circumstances of your plant. In this way, we ensure optimal consideration and, subsequently, implementation.