Firing rate control

The firing rate control – coordinated with the firing technology used – ensures the trouble-free operation and performance of the system. It is essential to maintain this optimum over the travel time.

It makes sense to define the desired optima (regarding technology, firing, use of energy…) in optimisation criteria and to design the control system in such a way that the expected different operating modes can be operated “at the push of a button” or according to a schedule. Based on the existing firing technology to be selected, or one that suits the intended use, and the given boundary conditions, we design the optimum firing rate control.

In this challenging design work of the control concept, it is necessary to harmonise many parameters at the same time and to react correctly to disturbances or changes in the combustion process. Depending on the overall configuration and plant size, we use everything from classic control concepts based on PID control loops to APC control systems with MPC (model predictive controller) and fuzzy controller technologies to new approaches from the field of AI (artificial intelligence).

Our core products EPOC® and BCS® already contain predefined controllers, function modules and standards that reflect many years of experience with a wide variety of firing systems and the corresponding control concepts.

We clarify your expectations with you and ask the necessary questions to ensure the right combination of possible technology building blocks. This technology definition has a lasting influence on the performance and maintenance intensity of your system. Here it is important to work out the optimum together. In this way, we guarantee that you will be able to use the optimum control performance of your combustion plant for years to come.