The Biomass Control Solution (BCS® Suite) by VOIGT+WIPP Engineers is the innovative, precisely fitting control product for modern biomass heating (power) plants. More than 10 years ago, the first BCS-FLR was used in a wood-fired power plant. The development was derived from our innovative control concepts for large-scale power plants. Through this technological application we were and are able to achieve results above the industry standard. The development has continued steadily since then. In addition to the first module of fire power control, further modules were added such as buffer storage management, load hierarchy management, bad point control or de-swathing control. The peak load boiler control module was also included from the very beginning.

The result is a control concept that has been tested many times and proven in practical use, which is supported by various toolboxes. The toolboxes can be online calculations of the calorific value or the fuel moisture, but also other soft sensors such as support values for temperatures in hard-to-reach places are used. This means that the BCS Suite can be adapted and used very quickly and individually to existing conditions.

Sustainable benefit

The benefits are manifold – quiet, optimally controlled combustion, higher efficiency, longer plant travel time and constant compliance with limit values – to name just a few benefits. Depending on the size of the boiler and the complexity of the plant, implementation is carried out in a tightly structured project procedure. The potential study at the beginning makes optimization potentials clearly quantifiable and leads to a fact-based customer decision in which form the optimization is implemented.

Know-how transfer for practitioners

In our webinar series “Maximum fuel efficiency in wood-fired heating (power) plants”, we have been able to stimulate active exchange at the practitioner level in two events so far. With technical practical impulses and the open exchange, it is an interesting platform for responsible persons in wood (heating) power plants. On October 12, we will hold the next webinar on the topic of “Safety during conversions in wood-fired power plants”.

BCS Cloud – Your meaningful data portal

Thanks to intensive development work, the BCS Suite installed on site with the functionalities defined at the site with corresponding secure data connection fits perfectly into the complementary cloud solution provided. The BCS Cloud is equipped with sound, comprehensive IT security concepts and impresses with maximum availability. Savings are visible online, operations are visualized transparently, and required reporting and evaluations of environmental performance are simple. Diverse evaluations can be supplemented by computer-intensive applications (artificial intelligence) if desired and appropriate. You benefit from a holistic view of your plant as well as a clear presentation of KPIs and benchmarking.

With BCS Cloud, you receive a company-specific portal. If you have several power plants with BCS, BCS Cloud also allows you to bundle data from several locations. This allows you to benefit from a holistic visualization and evaluation of your data as well as from cross-plant reporting. The integrated role-based authorization concept and multi-factor authentication ensure optimal use of your data.

Your benefits

  • Plant overview makes plant performance visible
  • Savings potentials are recognised and can be used in a targeted manner
  • More uniform operation across all shifts
  • Optimisation of material usage
  • Increase in energy efficiency
  • Reporting according to EU taxonomy

“You don’t make fortunes with inventions, but with improvements”.

Even Henry Ford recognized that improvement and progress are the foundation for sustainable success – these principles are still essential principles of lean management today and are also the basis for sustainable energy efficiency for us. In addition to lower operating costs due to the improvement of the overall efficiency and the constantly efficient operation of your biomass heating (power) plant, the optimization of your biomass heating (power) plant with our BCS® Suite also makes a significant contribution to climate protection by significantly reducing emissions and operating materials.