By integrating individual process plants into the higher-level control concept of our EPOC® Suite (Energy & Production Optimization Control), previously unattainable added value can be realized in terms of plant performance and product quality. Flexibility – even in the event of changes at the site – characterizes the new system with which we implement defined production targets in terms of overall efficiency.

Fig. EPOC® suite using the example of a paper mill

Scenarios can be evaluated in advance using the integrated simulations. This enables participation in the electricity exchange with secured heat production. For the individual plants themselves, the local optima result in a number of advantages. Reducing process variation can, among other things, increase output, improve product quality, and reduce operating materials and emissions.

An attractive overall package

The EPOC® suite consists of six standardized procedural and control modules, a variety of toolboxes, and a web platform for performance control through KPI monitoring and a reporting function. (Read more about the complete package and the individual modules here – or feel free to request our product folder).

Fig. The modules of the EPOC® Suite

Energy demand fluctuations can be detected and managed through the use of AI forecast functions, reading of production schedules, etc. By using the EPOC® suite, an overall optimization of the balance between energy supply and energy use is ensured. This has a lasting positive impact on costs and climate protection.

Integration of the EPOC® suite

The results of the potential study in the first project phase, lead to the selection of the appropriate modules. Together with corresponding toolboxes, these are configured in order to use the analyzed degrees of freedom and thus realize the potential for improvement. The implementation and commissioning takes place in close exchange with the operating team. This ongoing transfer of know-how ensures success. A service oriented to the respective needs, ensures the high performance of the EPOC suite. This ensures the effect!