Especially in today’s world, power plants and production facilities face numerous challenges. Be it in terms of efficiency, reliability or environmental compatibility. To meet these conditions, we have the right solution for every requirement.
After implementation, the delivered content must be optimally maintained and kept in operation.
Professional and reliable service is crucial when it comes to maintaining the facility. But how does this work at VOIGT+WIPP Engineers and what does a service contract “bring”? To explain, I’ve picked out some content from the service that our existing service customers already receive.

Are you ready for a journey into my world of service? Then goggles and helmet on and off you go!

Worry-free operation / maximizing plant availability – goodbye downtime!

With regular maintenance and preventive measures, downtimes can be minimized and the service life of the plant can be significantly extended. Potential sources of equipment failure can be identified early and corrected before they lead to costly downtime. Because only a running plant can produce energy and thus provide heat and electricity. Maintenance work is best done in the background and at regularly scheduled intervals so as not to interfere with ongoing operations.

Plants at full speed – It gets even “better

… with the possibility of optimizing the plant performance in the best possible and constant way. Regular monitoring of the plant, for example, enables potential savings to be identified and implemented, and measures to improve energy efficiency to be derived from this.

Keeping things in perspective with KAIDIRA®

Our product “KAIDIRA®” (Knowledge, AI, Digitalization; Information, Reporting Application) provides valuable insights into the operation of your plants. The aim of KAIDIRA® is to provide you with the best possible overview of your plant or group of plants and to keep important operating parameters and performance indicators in view at all times.
From this, bottlenecks and potential for improvement can also be identified, which also makes KAIDIRA® the basis for further targeted optimization measures.

Fast and competent help – No time for delays

If a malfunction does occur, fast and competent help is needed to resume operations as quickly as possible. Are you in the “Team Service”? With a service contract, we guarantee a quick response time from our experts, who work to efficiently resolve the fault.

A sympathetic ear – promised!

But in my opinion, “good service” goes beyond purely technical support. My claim to cultivate a trusting cooperation has top priority. A positive customer relationship with regular points of contact builds trust and promotes constructive collaboration.

Solution according to demand

Of course, there are different needs and requirements for the service. By providing service packages, we can offer customized solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific requirements of each customer. In a personal conversation we can ensure that we take into account all the important aspects and customize the packages.

The service contract is thus an investment in efficiency, reliability and long-term cost savings – let your plant function optimally with the help of an experienced team and get in touch!