BCS District heat pump control

BCS District heat pump controlThe BCS district heat pump control is an intelligent solution package for biomass CHP plants in district heating networks to operate district heat pumps in the optimal efficiency field while minimising network losses and electricity costs.

In order to always operate the network pumps at the optimum efficiency level between guaranteed heat supply and maximum energy efficiency, all available information from the district heating network and the pumps is used in the BCS module FWP. Furthermore, the efficiency map of the pumps in use is stored as a model. This expands the controller by an essential function, with which intelligent pump management is possible in addition to bad-point control on pressure difference. The minimal heat losses achieved in this way guarantee maximum economic efficiency in the heat supply.

The system can also be used in large district heating networks with several pump stations, as these can communicate with each other and thus react simultaneously to pressure differences in the district heating network.

Technical advantages Economic advantages Environmental advantages
  • Flexible design according to existing bad points in the district heating network (in operation) Schlechtpunkte im Fernwärmenetz (im Betrieb)
  • Beitrag zur Erweiterung bestehender Netze
  • Intuitive operation
  • Reduction of the electricity consumption of the district heating network pumps
  • Improved economic efficiency of the heat supply
  • Reduction of heat losses
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Contribution to the switch to the district heating network