From Austria to Australia…

2023-04-11T10:44:58+02:0011. April 2023|

Technology transfer to Australia There have often been successful exports from Austria to overseas, and one or two of the better-known stories have their origins in Styria. This is also the origin of one of our current orders in this federal state - as a result of one of our successful technology projects. Interested readers will remember the project carried out by VOIGT+WIPP Engineers to modernize the magnesite calcination process at STYROMAG in Tragöß-St. Katharein.

Change with vision

2023-05-15T09:38:59+02:005. April 2023|

For the implementation of the BCSfit project in the district heating plant Innerratschings, this premise applied in a double sense. On the one hand, it took the foresight of plant operator Erwin Schölzhorn and his team to make the decision to make the district heating plant fit for the future with our Biomass Control Solution (BCS). On the other hand, a beautiful panoramic view over the Ratschingstal valley opened up for the VOIGT+WIPP Engineers during an alpine pasture hike.

Maximum site performance with the EPOC® suite

2023-04-11T10:42:59+02:005. April 2023|

By integrating individual process plants into the higher-level control concept of our EPOC® Suite (Energy & Production Optimization Control), previously unattainable added value can be realized in terms of plant performance and product quality. Flexibility - even in the event of changes at the site - characterizes the new system with which we implement

Relationship stories and service things – It`s all about relationships

2023-04-11T10:47:50+02:005. April 2023|

Just like in "real" life, it is also in business - a good relationship with the customer is the most important thing. If you are "in relationship" with the person on the phone, it is much easier to work more openly and sometimes more critically. It helps to look after your counterpart with a

Insight Project Norske Skog

2023-04-11T10:44:33+02:005. April 2023|

Conversion projects during ongoing operations always present a major organizational challenge in addition to the technical ones. Under the sign of the pandemic, the challenge was once again much higher this year. We are therefore particularly pleased that we were able to successfully complete the upgrade of the fluidized bed plant at Norske Skog in Bruck on schedule.

Increase in green electricity production at the Welsberg Niederdorf district heating plant

2022-03-29T09:32:59+02:0021. December 2021|

The Welsberg Niederdorf district heating plant cooperative was founded in 2001 in Welsberg in Alta Pusteria (South Tyrol) and has since been supplying the two communities with environmentally friendly district heating. After the analysis of the current situation in the course of a plant visit with inspection, VOIGT+WIPP Engineers carried out optimizations to increase the production of green electricity.

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