Potential study

2024-04-18T09:59:31+02:0018. April 2024|

Potential study - the ideal start for your optimization project Sankey energy flow diagram, exhaust gas condensation incl. Economizer A potential study by VOIGT+WIPP Engineers meets several requirements. On the one hand, we summarize the identified potential in a clearly structured manner based on a well-founded analysis of the respective systems on

BCS fit: Fit for the future?

2024-04-18T09:25:21+02:0018. April 2024|

The BCS fit was specially developed for wood-fired heating plants that have already been in use for a long time and need a "reboot" in terms of automation technology to make them fit for the future again. Our tried and tested BCS®-Suite (Biomass Control Solution), which implements intelligent control concepts for systems with its various

Change with vision

2023-05-15T09:38:59+02:005. April 2023|

For the implementation of the BCSfit project in the district heating plant Innerratschings, this premise applied in a double sense. On the one hand, it took the foresight of plant operator Erwin Schölzhorn and his team to make the decision to make the district heating plant fit for the future with our Biomass Control Solution (BCS). On the other hand, a beautiful panoramic view over the Ratschingstal valley opened up for the VOIGT+WIPP Engineers during an alpine pasture hike.

Bad point control – Intelligent solution for biomass cogeneration plants

2023-04-05T16:04:51+02:005. April 2023|

The bad point control is an intelligent solution package for biomass CHP plants to operate district heat pumps in the optimal efficiency field while minimizing grid losses and electricity costs. Every heat customer in a district heating network requires a pressure difference between the flow and the return at its transfer point to the district

Increase in green electricity production at the Welsberg Niederdorf district heating plant

2022-03-29T09:32:59+02:0021. December 2021|

The Welsberg Niederdorf district heating plant cooperative was founded in 2001 in Welsberg in Alta Pusteria (South Tyrol) and has since been supplying the two communities with environmentally friendly district heating. After the analysis of the current situation in the course of a plant visit with inspection, VOIGT+WIPP Engineers carried out optimizations to increase the production of green electricity.

Precisely fitting. Innovative. Sustainable. – Our BCS® Suite

2021-10-27T11:43:34+02:0023. September 2021|

The Biomass Control Solution (BCS® Suite) by VOIGT+WIPP Engineers is the innovative, precisely fitting control product for modern biomass heating (power) plants. More than 10 years ago, the first BCS-FLR was used in a wood-fired power plant. The development was derived from our innovative control concepts for large-scale power plants. Through this technological application we

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