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EPOC Load Balancing

In some plants, two or more boiler lines are operated in parallel. These boilers feed into the same high-pressure steam line. This parallel operation often leads to a “surge” of the feeding boilers and in extreme cases even to their failure. Traditionally, this problem is solved by a guide boiler, but this results in efficiency losses because the other boiler(s) is/are not fully utilised.

In contrast to the classic solution, EPOC Load Balancing calculates all load setpoints on a higher level so that the boiler efficiencies are maximised. In addition, the load setpoints react much faster to steam disturbances in a coordinated manner.

EPOC Load Balancing allows you to save fuel while maintaining performance, thus reducing your costs. Your plant achieves its optimal overall efficiency by optimising the energy use of different energy sources and by using energy buffers in your system. You also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.