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EPOC Steam Manager

Complex steam networks with different steam generators and consumers require a superordinate concept that optimally coordinates the variable participants in the steam network. The EPOC Steam Manager ensures a high level of steam consistency, safeguards the steam balance of your plant and maximises the power generation of your turbine. As a result, you benefit from optimum operation of your steam network from an economic and ecological point of view.

Beispiel eines Wärmenetzes in dem die Verbindung aus Energiebereitstellung und Energieverwendung mittels EPOC optimiert werden.The EPOC Steam Manager has a fast control dynamic to keep the pressures of the steam rails constant and to achieve a smooth operation of the steam boilers. As far as information is available, disturbance variables are also taken into account in advance.

The control for requesting and switching off peak load steam generators or load burners is linked to its own logic in EPOC Steam Manager. The decisions are subject to hysteresis in order to keep a state constant for a defined time. Priorities and other basic parameters – such as the equal use of equivalent boilers and burners – are taken into account.