Analysis and concept for waste heat utilisation

In all energy conversion processes with the aim of generating process or useful heat, waste heat is inevitably produced that cannot be used in the process under consideration. The utilisation of this waste heat with intelligent energy management is of great value economically and ecologically and, of course, of particular importance in industries whose processes require a lot of heat.

Due to the complex interlinking of heat generators, heat exchangers, distribution systems and heat sinks in the plant network, the waste heat generated or the actual energy loss is usually greater than it should be. This is due, among other things, to the structures in complex energy systems that have grown over the course of time, the isolated consideration and control of the individual components, and the changing framework conditions.

Our cross-system analysis of your existing waste heat utilisation shows this potential and provides the basis for an optimised utilisation concept. The resulting measures range from optimisation steps in control technology to adaptations in process technology to the replacement of plant components. An accompanying profitability analysis takes into account the current volatile framework conditions and their forecasts and guarantees you a sustainable optimisation concept.

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