Explosion protection (VEXAT, ATEX)

The VEXAT (“Ordinance on Explosive Atmospheres”), sets the requirements for explosion protection at workplaces. It obliges companies that work with flammable liquids, gases or dusts or in whose production process these substances occur to prepare and continuously update an explosion protection document. Equipment and work equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres must comply with the requirements of the ATEX Product Directive. This applies to both electrical and non-electrical equipment.

At VWE, we develop reasonable, safe and, above all, economically viable solutions for the implementation of VEXAT / ATEX in coordination with the respective authorities (labour inspectorate). You benefit from our experience with companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors and our know-how in the field of explosion protection.

Our services in the field of explosion protection

  • Preparation of a comprehensive explosion protection document with all legally required contents: Investigation of the company, preparation of associated zone plans and documents for the annual information and instruction
  • Updating of the explosion protection document or renewed inspection of the plant when new machinery is purchased or after the production process has been redesigned.
  • External support in drawing up an explosion protection document (provision of experience and expertise so that you can draw up an explosion protection document yourself)
  • Periodic checks and updating of documents
  • Preparation of a guide to technical and organisational measures
  • Advice on explosion protection, the VEXAT and the ATEX product directive
  • Carrying out risk and hazard analyses for equipment that does not yet have special certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Communication and coordination of all explosion protection measures with the authorities (labour inspectorate)
  • Training of your employees
  • Calculation or design of systems for reducing the effects of explosions (e.g.: Pressure relief devices such as bursting discs, glow nest detection or explosion suppression).