Our products combine process and control engineering know-how and experience from many implemented projects.


We follow a comprehensive product understanding in order to create the connection between the requirement for customised optimisation in the brownfield and the desire for a stable, proven and standardised solution.

For this reason, our products always comprise three main phases in the procedure, which concern the entire life cycle:

  • Potential study
  • Implementation
  • Service in operation

In terms of content, a core of the products lies in the specific content of the standardised and in many cases quality-assured toolboxes and control technology software modules. Simplified, we refer to this as the basic software, which is also licensed.

During implementation, customising, adaptation to specific requirements and the combination of process and control engineering know-how takes place.

Our products are characterised in operation by the perspective of the users, the operators. Distinct usability enables actual improvement in operation.

As a matter of principle, we provide our products independently of hardware or manufacturers. Furthermore, we are able to deal with the usually challenging brownfield situation, i.e. with regulations, control systems or connection points from different manufacturers and with diverse data formats.

Well-founded documentation ensures ongoing further development and adaptability.