Long-term partnership

… with standardized service packages

With our core products EPOC® Suite and BCS®Suite, you are also supported after integration and subsequent commissioning, with the aim of maintaining optimum operation.

Our demand-oriented service packages ensure that the high performance of your plant is continuously available.

We put together the appropriate service packages to match the implemented solution and your structure.

The basic package is a prerequisite for all other packages that can be optionally combined.


...building on existing data connection

Update Package

⇒ flat rate
  • Periodic updates / backups of the PLC / control software
  • Periodic upgrades of HW (PLC, CF card)
  • Periodic checks and shutdown prevention
  • Maintaining availability for short response times


...for unexpected operating conditions

Support Package

⇒ flat rate or according to expenditure
  • Availability of expert hours for remote process and control engineering interventions and corrections in case of problems during operation
  • Analysis of data, operating conditions, troubleshooting or proposal of remedial measures


...for improvement and cost reduction

Optimization package

⇒ according to expenditure
  • Availability of expert hours for process and control optimization of the respective plant
  • Short concepts for optimizations
  • Accompaniment of optimizations


Datenanbindung & Reporting

Basic Package

Prerequisite for the other packages ⇒ flat rate
  • Setup and operation of secure remote maintenance access
  • Periodic updates of the software on the automation hardware
  • Security-relevant updates and patches of the software of the remote maintenance and data gateway (CCB)
  • Saving of the current automation and control code in a versioning tool, after changes have been made
  • Provision of a secure web portal (BCS and EPOC Cloud)
  • Reporting on operating states in the form of KPIs for data reporting and for KPI calculation/presentation

Individualised service packages

hen using optimal connection to the cloud (for example with the CONENGA product KAIDIRA® Suite – Data Analytics Reporting & Optimisation-Suite), the following services are provided.

Semi-automated reports

Monthly / quarterly evaluations are designed as reports and provide precise information on the performance and environmental performance of the plant.

This makes it possible to intervene at an early stage in the event of declining performance. Furthermore, the performance of the system is illustrated and made comparable. It is possible to track trends and identify optimisation potential.

Online Live Performance Cockpit

When using appropriate modules of the KAIDIRA® Suite, all information that is also available in semi-automated reports can be viewed online.

Via the organisation-specific authorisation structure with secure two-factor authentication, authorised persons can have the performance and environmental data permanently available and displayed in the form that is relevant for decision-making.

With both versions, the customer is provided with a holistic view of the system performance and a data-based decision-making basis. The information design is adapted to the needs of the user.

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