Competence transfer

In our consulting, engineering and optimisation work, we see well-founded competence transfer, knowledge transfer and training as an essential building block for your success. We impart know-how in appropriate formats and settings across all topics and specialist areas of the CONENGA Group.

In the case of organisational changes, for example, we design new roles and processes together with those involved, conduct face-to-face training on attitudes, methods and tools, and support your employees with short one to two-hour remote impulses – depending on requirements and benefits.

When commissioning new controls as part of optimisations, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with the operating staff for the purpose of know-how transfer, supplement this knowledge transfer with training courses and provide documents, manuals or even guides. We accompany the subsequent initial operating phase very closely via remote maintenance access, discuss the conditions remotely and ensure the transfer of knowledge here as well.

In cross-thematic and openly accessible webinars, we impart both basic and very specific competences. The focus is always on the benefits and effectiveness of the competence transfer for you. The different formats and settings provide optimal methodological and didactic support.


Following the auditing and process and control optimisation of more than 100 wood-fired power plants, we combine sound basic knowledge with in-depth operational and optimisation experience.

With our mathematical, physical and data-driven models and the simulations based on them, various operating and load cases can be represented and potentials directly determined (i.e. quantified).

Building on this, we design competence development for the heating maintenance staff, oriented to the processes and tasks in biomass heating (power) plants. This concerns both basic knowledge (process engineering) and operational knowledge with valuable tips on the optimal design of operational management.

The training on offer ranges from webinars to impulse lectures to full-day training/advanced training. We tailor – building on current modules – to your specific requirements. We would be happy to present the training offer in person.

Services / Main topics from our range of services

  • Optimal biomass combustion (efficiency, environmental impact)
    • Dealing with natural biomass (wood chips) and the challenges of varying quality, water content, lumpiness, bark and needle content
    • Optimal use of the fuel, combustion control to avoid fuel wastage, to reduce emissions (carbon monoxide, fine dust) or caking and to avoid deflagration in the firebox
  • Effective buffer storage management
    • The optimally used, working buffer storage (state of charge varies greatly) for absorbing grid peaks and constant operation of the biogenic energy generators
    • Minimisation of annealing times of the biomass boilers, constancy in electricity generation with an ORC module with infrequent back-regulation of the thermal oil boiler as well as reduction of own electricity demand
  • Flue gas condensation plants to increase overall efficiency
    • Flue gas condensation units as “passive energy generators”, which are not actively controlled, but nevertheless enable high heat recovery
    • Ensured longevity of flue gas condensation, avoidance of corrosion, optimum return temperatures and residual oxygen content
  • Control technology and automation
    • The core elements of the control of wood-fired heating (power) plants are mapped by us in the CONENGA product BCS® with its modules; the fire output control, the buffer storage management, the load hierarchy management, the bad point control, the peak load boiler control and the de-swathing control are adapted to your plant configuration.
    • For all modules and the underlying contents, there are corresponding competence mediations.


We see our CONENGA webinars as an open offer to the specialist community interested in the content, with the focus on impulses and exchange.

For specific information and to register for our next technical webinar, please visit the CONENGA webinar page.

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